On the summit of Pachnes
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Tour planning

Thinking of offering walks in Crete in your programme?

Reading the programmes of many tour organizers leaves the impression that many copy each other or rely on guide books. A well-organized tour is like a good meal: it needs an intimate knowledge of the ingredients you are using, a fine sense of balance and creativity  to provide the desired results. You also need to learn through trial and error.  We have made our mistakes and really know the ingredients, all year around ! We can develop tours that fit your needs and "work" for you and your clients.

Below  is a list of walks (in no way exhaustive), varying from short and easy to long and very demanding, to give you an idea of what West Crete has to offer.

The + indicate the level of difficulty from  + (easy)  to  +++++ (very difficult)

  • Agia Triada to Katholiko monasteries (Akrotiri peninsula), a well marked and easy walk  +

  • Stylos to Katohori (Apokorona), at times tiring terrain but otherwise OK ++

  • Omalos to Kallergi mountain hut,  clear and easy path with beautiful views of the White Mountains +

  • gorge of Samaria,  long walk but very good path ++

  • gorge of Agia Irini,  good path ++

  • gorge of Imbros,  good path  +

  • Paleochora to Sougia,  clear path ++

  • Agia Roumeli to Agios Ioannis,  good, well-marked path ++

  • Loutro to Chora Sfakion,   marked path ++

  • Katholiko to Stavros, (Akrotiri peninsula)  easy walk but good orientation needed  +++

  • gorge of Aradena,  easy orientation but the path is difficult at times  +++

  • Sougia to Tripiti,  visible path +++

  • Agia Roumeli to Loutro,  marked path  ++

  • Omalos to Gingilos summit (guide essential in winter),   the path is marked but the terrain is difficult at times. This mountain can dangerous if the weather is unstable +++

  • Omalos to Melindaou summit (guide essential in winter),   very rocky terrain, good orientation needed  +++

  • Omalos to Katsiveli and Anopolis (guide essential in winter)  2 days on rocky terrain, although the path is marked, good orientation is still needed especially if there is a weather change ++++

  • Omalos to Pachnes summit (guide essential in winter),   2 days on  rocky terrain, although the path is marked, good orientation is still needed especially if there is a weather change ++++

  • Laki to Omalos,  fairly easy walk but unmarked path +++

  • Omalos to Psilafi summit (guide essential in winter),  no path  ++++

  • Kambi (Apokorona) to Volakies mountain hut, Spahi and Agia Pnevma summits,  partly unmarked path, very steep at times, avalanche risk in winter ++++

  • Agios Ioannis to Zaranokefala summit and Pachnes (guide essential in winter),  2 days walk, a path does not always exist. It is a little risky without a guide ++++

  • gorge of Tripiti,   there is an unmarked path, almost impossible to find at times, some dangerous passages. The gorge is hardly frequented by anyone. A guide is essential. +++++

  • Sougia to Agia Roumeli, the path has disappeared at times through lack of use. Many dangerous passages, risk of getting lost.  +++++

  • gorge of Eligas, one day walk to get to the entrance of the gorge then 8 hours to walk through it. The path is not always marked, some dangerous passages  +++++

  • Omalos - Katsaromoura - Agia Roumeli (the summit route to Agia Roumeli),  used only by some shepherds. Long, at times dangerous and difficult +++++