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Gorges of the White Mountains

There are about 50 gorges in and around the White Mountains. The most impressive ones cut deep in the mountains and end up by the Libyan sea. Very few are known beside the first three listed below.
Every gorge has its very own character and "personality" so it is not a case of "seen one , seen them all". One thing is certain: less well known gorges will have far fewer visitors (if any!) than the "tourist gorges" and an untainted atmosphere.

The gorge of Samaria is by far the most famous and the most crowded of all the gorges. There are plenty of organized tours available and it is also easy (if a little long) and safe to walk on your own.

The Imbros gorge (ending near Hora Sfakion) can get crowded in the spring, before the Samaria gorge opens to the public when it is used as an alternative for organized tour. The path is easy to follow and the walk is short.

The gorge of Agia Irini which ends near Sougia, also has a few organized tours taking visitors there but no crowds. If you go on your own you will find that the path is well-maintained and easy to follow

The gorge of Aradena (not far from Loutro) is far less frequented and the walk is more difficult, with some steep passages.

There are a few other relatively easy and little known gorges in the Sfakia region as well as a few nearer to the North coast.


And a few gorges for aficionados only

The gorge of Tripiti is hardly frequented by anyone, and not without reason: it is a long, arduous walk starting just below the summit of Gingilos. The path is very difficult to find and there are numerous difficult passages. The gorge is almost as long as the Samaria gorge but not as narrow. It has a lot of very large trees.
A guide is absolutely essential.

The gorge of Eligas runs very close to the East of the gorge of Samaria. It is just as unknown as Tripiti, although less dangerous and the path is somewhat easier to find. It is wild and full of amazing trees, high cliffs and great mountain views. It is a two days walk because the beginning of the gorge is at the foot of Pachnes and is at least 5 hours walk from the nearest road. A guide is essential.

The gorge of Klados (west of the Samaria gorge) is probably the most difficult gorge in the White Mountains and can only be crossed by climbers.


The gorge of Aradena
View into the gorge of  Tripiti