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Made to measure walks in West Crete

Taking part in an existing walking tour has its limitations: the choice of dates and the choice of itinerary may not suit you. And you don't choose the company.
The other alternative, setting off on your own or with friends has other drawbacks: you either will have to limit yourself to well-known routes described in guidebooks or risk getting lost. And unless you already know Crete well you may also not choose the most suitable or most interesting routes.

How about choosing your group, dates and designing your own programme with our support?

Although this form of tour organizing is especially suitable to associations wanting to offer a walking tour in Crete to their members it is often quite easy for individuals to find a few friends to embark on a holiday together and may not cost more than a "ready-made" tour booked through a tour operator.
This gives you the best of both worlds: you choose your dates, design an itinerary that appeals to you with our help and save yourself the pain of finding out through trial and error.

This is how it works: contact us with your "wish list" which generally starts with the following:

  •  how many people are you (this can be approximate)?
  •  when do you want to come?
  •  for how long do you want to stay?
  •  what type of programme do you have in mind?
  •  how fit are you and what level of difficulty are you looking for?
  •  what type of accommodation are you preferring?

We will then get back to you, probably with some questions, and will work towards a specific proposal (with costs and route) fitting your needs. There is no commitment on your part up to this stage.

No idea where to start? Follow the many links in our resources page and get some inspiration for creating your own programme.