Walks and hikes in Crete - Walking and hiking specialists on the island of Crete, Greece

Medium difficulty tour

Day 1: Chania to Omalos by car, then walk up to Gingilos

Day 2: Omalos - Kallergi - Melindaou (2153 m) - Katsiveli: (8 hours) This route starts at the entrance of the Samaria gorge. We walk up to the roof of the White Mountains and proceed eastwards, at an altitude of about 2000 m to Katsiveli, at the foot of Pachnes. The night is spent in the open.

Day 3: Katsiveli - Pachnes (optional) - Anopolis - Finix beach This day will take you through as much changes as you can expect on Crete: first walking a couple of hours through a lunar landscape, then driving endlessly down a rough track on the back of a pickup truck through a pine forest to the plateau of Anopolis. From there we walk down to Finix beach (1 hour). It is possible to climb Pachnes (2453 m) on a fairly easy path (about 2 hours return) before driving down to Anopolis

Pachnes at sunset

Day 4: Aradena - Anopolis - Finix After walking westwards to Marmara beach we go up the gorge of Aradena (3 hours) to the abandoned village of the same name. After a tour of the village we walk to Anopolis (40 min.) on a surfaced road then down the old path back to Finix (1 hour).

Chapel of Profiti Elias

Day 5 We spend the morning lazing by the beach, waiting to catch the only daily boat westwards to Sougia leaving at about 2.00 pm from Loutro. The boat journey offers some fine views of the coast and the mountains.

Day 6 A small boat takes us eastwards again to Tripiti, at the end of the Tripiti gorge. We walk steeply up to the chapel of the Prophet Elias (1 hour). Built on a high hill overlooking the sea it offers one of the most beautiful views one can have of the South coast. Nearby are the remains of a Venetian castle and the barely visible ruins of the antique town of Pikilassos. We walk back to Sougia (4 hours) following a well defined path along and above the coast.

Day 7: Sougia - Lissos - Sougia (2 hours) Lissos was a coastal town in the antiquity and there are some well preserved ruins that make it worth a visit. Later in the day we return to Chania.